About K&B Attorneys

Korsten & Beukes Attorneys (K&B Attorneys) is bound to the Constitution of South Africa as the Supreme Law of the Land and as such is committed to the principles enshrined therein and to uphold and apply them in all our business activities.

K&B Attorneys is a specialist Commercial and Corporate Law practice combining experience with expertise in order to provide our clients with relevant legal solutions for today's changing business environment.

We at K&B Attorneys are committed to a culture of service delivery within our practice where the client is placed at the heart of everything that we do. This ensures our focus on our client's legal and commercial needs in order to provide them with proper, timeous and cost-effective business solutions.

John Henry Korsten

Managing Director of K&B Attorneys

Company History

K&B Attorneys were formed at the beginning of 2012 when 2 directors of Korsten and Gys Louw Inc. (“KGL”) attorneys, John Henry Korsten and Derius Beukes saw the opportunity to combine their skills and resources to enhance service delivery and better meet their clients' specific legal requirements.

Our Expertise:

K&B Attorneys's dynamic combination of exceptional skills and service has attracted a vast and diverse client base. Local and National Corporation, Insurance Companies and high-profile individuals are just a few examples of the type of clients who depend on K&B Attorneys' specialist legal services.


John Henry Korsten – BA. LLB. LLM (Stell), Dip. Business Rescue (Unisa).

Admitted to the High Court of South Africa in 1999, Henry brings a vast amount of experience to K&B ATTORNEYS and covers a number of portfolios requiring specialist legal knowledge including Property Law, Labour Law, Commercial Litigation, Collections, and Commercial / Corporate Law. Henry is also an admitted conveyancer and served as a Director of Potgieter, Ndabambi, Fourie and Korsten Inc. t/a PNF Attorneys from 2000 until 2009 and Korsten, Gys Louw Inc t/a KGL Attorneys from 2009 until 2011.


K&B ATTORNEYS subscribes to the spirit and intent of Black Economic Empowerment and complies with the policies spelled out in the Financial Sector Charter.